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This level is meant for students ages 4-6. In this class students learn basic skills for ballet and tap. 


Students will learn:

  • The five ballet positions.

  • Ballet vocabulary by learning: demi, grand, plié, relevé, soutenu, tendu, jeté, grand battement, rond de jambe, en dehor, en dedan, en l’air, piqué,  passé dèveloppé, ènveloppé, and arabesque.


  • students will demonstrate how to grand battement and soutenu. 

Across the floor:

  • Chassé 

  • Front and back skips

  • Spotting while turning

  • Grand jeté


  • Sauté

  • Changment


  • Students will learn:

  • Flaps

  • Shuffles

  • Flap Ball changes

  • Maxie Ford

  • Buffalo

Once students have mastered these skills they will move on to a Beginning Level.

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