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Jazz II

This level is meant for students who have successfully passed Jazz I.


In this level students will learn:


Across the floor:

  • Jazz Turns

  • Multiple Piqué Turns

  • Inverse Turns

  • Stag turns

  • Barrel rolls

  • Front and back sommer saults

  • Cartwheels

  • Round offs

  • Grand Jeté

  • Saut de chat


Center Work:

  • Box Steps

  • Pivots

  • Jazz pas de bourreé

  • Multiple Piqué Turns

  • Multiple Inverse Turns

  • Multiple Fouetté Turns

  • Stationary Split Jumps

  • Stag Jumps

  • Short combinations incorporating these skills.


Once students have mastered these skills they will move on to a Advanced Jazz.



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