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Ballet I

This level is meant for students who have successfully passed the Beginning Level or are ages 7+.

In this level students will:

  • Review the five ballet positions.

  • Review ballet vocabulary.

Barre skills:

  • Starting in first position.

  • Starting in fifth position.

  • Fouetté

  • Soussus

Center work:

  • Sauté

  • Changement

  • Royale

  • Pas de chat

  • Pas de bourrée

  • Balancé

  • Sissone

  • Assemblé

  • Pirouette

  • Promenade

  • Short combinations incorporating these skills.

Across the floor:

  • Chaîné turns with spotting

  • Piqué turns with spotting

  • Grand jeté

  • Tour jeté

  • Saut de basque

  • Cabriolé


Once students have mastered these skills they will move on to a Level II.


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